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Fatchoy Tinbot (Mahjong)

We have 12 units in stock.


Free shipping included

TC-021 Fatchoy Tinbot (Mahjong)

About the Product

Fat Choy TinBot – A project collaboration with a top rating mobile game “Mahjong World 2” which is available to download in apple store or google play.

Estimated Delivery – Mid-June, Worldwide delivery

This TinBot comes with a game coupon worth 15.99USD value.
And also include the following:
Magnetic card in robot graphic X 1
Magnetic arms X 2
Magnetic legs X 2
Magnetic head X 1

**13 other choice of magnetic card in Mahjong graphic can be purchased separately

Robot mode: 14cm tall, Tinbox mode: 7cm tall


tinbot, Robot, Magnets, metal, hong kong,

About the Brand

Past : Present : Future – A memory of all-time collectibles

TinBot™ has been launched in 2013 as a gift item, A magnetic action puzzle figure. In 2016, we officially established TinBot™ as an independent brand.  “TinBot™ the Collectibles” is co-branded by Trendex & B1GB1OCK creation.

We were introduced to Japan market in the first year. Since then, we expand our TinBot™ product in other countries: New Zealand, London, Italy, Taiwan and Thailand. In 2014, TinBot™ was awarded in Hong Kong Smart Gifts Design Awards.

We are developing TinBot™ as a collectible figure. We plan to have different collection on season by season basis. we welcome collaboration with different Artists or Brands to do their themed edition.

TinBot™ Creation is about conceptual idea | prototype | design of TinBot™. Some concept might be realized in the future.

We hope one day we are proud to tell the world that TinBot™ is the Original Design from Hong Kong.

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