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TC-023 YAN YAN TINBOT – 人人鐵寶

About the Product

This is one of very exciting project in 2018. The most memorable picture and TVC in old days are now recalling our memory again. Yan Yan Transportation is one of very vintage brand in Hong Kong. That makes a lot of us feeling strong impression when looking at that yellow trucks and 2 big “yan yan” chinese characters.

TinBot X Felix Ip X Yan Yan Transportation

Inspired by Felix Ip, the most popular Mechanic/ Robot illustrator in Hong Kong.

Felix Ip released his march of robots concept sketches with many many old memory and combined into an idea of a transformer type robot. Those pictures were instantly shared among different social media. One of the concept sketch is Yan Yan Machine Robot. That one truely inspire us to think about making it as TinBot. That was our great pleasure to have opportunity to collaborate with Felix to produce Yan Yan TinBot.

Protective Matchbox design Packaging
1 Tin metal box
6 magnetic parts

Robot mode 13cm tall, Tin Box mode 7cm


tinbot, metal, Magnets, Robot, hong kong,

About the Brand

Past : Present : Future – A memory of all-time collectibles

TinBot™ has been launched in 2013 as a gift item, A magnetic action puzzle figure. In 2016, we officially established TinBot™ as an independent brand.  “TinBot™ the Collectibles” is co-branded by Trendex & B1GB1OCK creation.

We were introduced to Japan market in the first year. Since then, we expand our TinBot™ product in other countries: New Zealand, London, Italy, Taiwan and Thailand. In 2014, TinBot™ was awarded in Hong Kong Smart Gifts Design Awards.

We are developing TinBot™ as a collectible figure. We plan to have different collection on season by season basis. we welcome collaboration with different Artists or Brands to do their themed edition.

TinBot™ Creation is about conceptual idea | prototype | design of TinBot™. Some concept might be realized in the future.

We hope one day we are proud to tell the world that TinBot™ is the Original Design from Hong Kong.

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